People say parents are the closest we get to see God while we are alive. For me though, that has been my sister.

We are just four years apart yet she was more than a sister all the time watching over me. When my father had to retire early due to a neurological illness, it was my sister that took on the responsibility of the family. No one asked her to do it yet she did.

She was the smart one in the family and yet she gave up on her dreams for me and the family. I did not understand it back then but now when I reflect on it, for someone who just came out of a teenage years, that is one tough choice. Yet she did it for us, for me and it’s something I can never forget. Without what she did, I have no idea where I would end up right now.

I know she had dreams of where she wanted to get in life yet that took a backseat as she had to be the benefactor for our family as we had no other income. To take up a burden like that is not easy. Yet my sister is tough. Yea that’s right, no one should dare mess with her as she knows how to handle herself.

So why this post? I don’t know. It might just be me trying to put my thoughts into words. Both of us are not very touchy feely people so maybe leaving this here for hopefully eternity will be a testament to what an amazing person she is and I know her kids one day will grow up to be as courageous and tough as their mom.

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