Hello there my dear readers. First of all, thank you for checking out my humble abode. Name is Dinuka, based in Sydney, Australia. A passionate backend developer by profession, a guitarist as a hobby and quite passionate about everything to do with technology, gaming, music, basketball(#lakernation) and reading(again mostly around those topics).

I have been blogging for a while on blogger and medium. Was pondering on the idea of starting my own blog out of curiosity and then jumped right in to do it one day and a week after battling with WordPress here I am finally ready to launch my passion project.

As the great Benjamin Fraklin said (at least Google says he did, so don’t hold me against it)

Failing to plan is planning to fail

So my plan for this blog of mine is to share my experience with technology and life in general for now as I do not want focus on too many topics, at least early on. Oh and also while the NBA season is on, you might see a post or two on my thoughts with a few things that do happen there.

There is no end goal in mind as I want to keep this blog going for as long as I feel I am adding quality content. I do however love collaborating with people on posts so that would definitely be a thing I would consider in the future.

So subscribe and let me know what you think and those reviews will help me better myself and my blog going forward.

Oh and before I forget, my wife created the logo for this blog so all credits for her(she made me say this).

Cheers everyone and welcome to the Dimashup community.

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