Yes that’s right, I got my first ever big life changing promotion. My new title goes as Chief Diaper Changing Officer and Proud daddy. I know it is quite a mouthful but i am super excited to get into my new role.

You read, watch youtube videos and get unsolicited advice from your friends and family, but I believe nothing will prepare you for parenthood. You just have to go through those phases with your newborn and learn on the job. After all, every baby is different and your circumstances are different. So you adapt and learn on the job.

As for us, it has been my wife and I taking care of our newborn baby boy from the onset. This post however is not about our journey through parenthood. 

It is about how my almost 4 month old now, who taught me some invaluable life lessons. 

Who would have thought a 4 month old would teach me something new. Life is full of surprises indeed. 

Ok let us get into it.

Lesson 1: Express how you feel

Hungry, bored, sick, something stuck up somewhere, no matter what the situation is, he cries and makes sure you check up on him. Once we do, he goes back to being super chilled and bubbly again. 

We as adults I feel succumb to the idiosyncrasies of our society that dictate strong people do not show emotions and they deal with it internally. I beg to differ and so does my 4 month old.

Expressing what you feel when you feel it makes so much sense. You iron out things then and there rather than letting it grow slowly within you until you implode.

So next time you do not feel right or content, let someone know about it! Might save you some psychiatric fees in the long run.

Lesson 2: A smile does not cost you a cent

Our little bubbly dude has no shortage of killer smiles and giggling laughs to fill our day. Even if it isn’t mommy or daddy, he gives the same joy and laughter to the new people he meets. 

It doesn’t cost a cent to be nice to someone. Smile and greet people you meet(not in a creepy way of course). You never know, you just might have made someone’s day a tad bit better.

Lesson 3: Patience is virtue

Some days with our little dude are tough. Call it growth spurts, sleep regression or some other bizarre medical term, newborns  are constantly changing and sometimes it is just hard on them. 

It does not matter if you had a long tiring day. When they need comforting, you better be ready. Our newborn taught me what true patience is all about. You help him through his tough situation, be patient with him and he will be back to his normal bubbly self.

The whole pandemonium of events pass you by so quick when you see that smile on his face at the end when he is all settled. 

Be patient and kind even in tough situations. 

As the saying goes, tough situations do not last, tough people do.

Lesson 4: Put your skills to practice

He learns something new almost everyday and he sure does make sure to show us his new ninja skills.

It got me thinking, when I learn something, do I put it into practice as soon as I learn it? 

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius”

Put your new skills into practice and you will remember them better when you need it.

Wrapping up

I’m sure he will be teaching me many more life lessons and this is just the start.

What has your child/children taught you about life in general?

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